Thursday, December 14, 2006

Today, the skies did hold a few birds. Never had any wind until around 9:00 this morning. It only took only a few short minutes once the wind got to blowing, before we had birds on the horizon. First flock spotted was about 40 big boys coming right down the avenue. We offered them a greeting, and they accepted. Put two down and had one sailor that made it to the river trees, North East of the lake. Never had a chance to retrieve him, but he got logged into the book as harvested.

Along with this bunch of Geese was a small flock of Mallards. They were flying right with the geese. Did see 3 to 5 other flocks of Mallards through out the day, but only had one flock to work. They ended up going over to the west lake, and then on up river. Was not the most productive day but it was better than a few we have had of late. You know the type of day when you don’t even see some tweedy bird flying.

The most positive thing today was: I did regain some confidence in my shooting today, and it did feel good. But the Boss called the shot where I am the most confidante, in my ability. Right out in front. They were coming down wind, and there was a nice 15 MPH wind pushing them, so they were moving.

Nothing else to report, but please check back.

Remember all the troops, in you evening prayers, and include their families

See Ya Carl

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