Wednesday, December 13, 2006

To be retired is one great experience. Take today for example. Went to bed rather late last evening, because I had nothing planed for me today, and it looked like an afternoon nap would be easy to pull off. So rising at 6:00 this morning, which is about 1 ½ hours later than I get up while hunting. Sat down at my Computer and got my E-Mail and read all of it, then give a call to Ralph to see if there were any hunter, in the near future. Well he was on his way to the pits because there were hunters for today, and he was expecting me to get them to the lake. So out the door I went and got the hunters in the pits, then come back to town and downed my breakfast, pills, caffeine, packed my lunch and returned to the pits. The big secret is,--------I got a short nap. With one in a pit that is possible. Of course they are very suspicious, when ever I am quiet, but who cares. I love the nap, they love the peace. It all balances out.

This was all for nothing, because the birds were not as plentiful as one would expect, for the middle of December, with no snow.

However, we have hunter from now through the week end, so here is hoping there will be better news to report before, between now and Sunday evening. So If you take a notion to come hunting, please do, because we are there, and the more the merrier

Remember the troops tonight and every night, with a little prayer.

See Ya Carl

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