Sunday, December 03, 2006

After a night watching the Huskers get beat, missing sleep, couple that with a slow day, cold, winds all day, and a bad head ache, all are ingredents, for a long day.

We spotted three Snow’s and Blue’s in the decoys, when it turned legal this morning. We had a couple of young boys so they were selected to accompany some one out and see if they could harvest them. They did pretty good and brought back two of the three. I am sure that will be pleasant memories for then for many years, to come.

Later on in the early morning we had a couple of Canada’s come in from the West and we took them, with a short volley. That took care of the action, except for the cooking of our meals, and BS time.

Mother has my supper ready to eat, and as you most all know I never miss a meal, so better get this posted.

Say a prayer for all the young guys and gals that a protecting our country, tonight

See Ya Carl

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