Saturday, December 02, 2006

Was another cold day in the pits and it sounds like it is going to be colder tomorrow. The only good thing to say, about this weather, it is making the Canada’s move. We seen plenty of them both flying low and high.

We had a sports writer, and filming crew hunting with us today, so we were wanting some action. Well we had some while they were there, but the best action was after they left.

At around 3:30 to 3:45, we had a nice flock come in from the North a put on a nice show before they got down in range of our smoke poles, and we went into action. I logged another zero in the books. This brought the total bag up to 10 for the day. They were all very big birds, so my feelings, this was one great day.

There is two reasons I have to make this short tonight. No. one: is this is mother’s night out. No. two: is the Huskers are playing tonight and I have to have Mother off the tables and home before the game gets started. So please excuse me for tonight.

Better get cleaned up, so say a little prayer for all of our hero’s tonight, at bed time.

See Ya Carl

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