Friday, December 01, 2006

Well everything has slowed down, again at the pits. The wind has went down, the Temp has went up, and the birds have slowed down.

Took only 2 Canada’s today. We did have some heart pumping excitement one time. Our "Eagle Eyes" spotted a big long line of Canada’s coming way up, North West. Well they passed the west lake we fired up the orchestra, and they done everything except give us a shot. We are not for sure, but there may have been a flock come off the river and meet up with this flock. Anyway some how we had geese going in every direction for a while. Most were not low enough to harvest, but there was a few, but how do you call a shot on three to five when you may have a flock of 100 to 200, may be ready to come in and land. Did have 5, that landed and that was about 90 yd’s out, they may have been as close as 65 yd’s on there final approach, but that is to far too.

Well tomorrow is another day, so let’s see if we can start another string of good days.

Say a prayer for the troops and check back

See Ya Carl

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