Friday, December 22, 2006

I keep getting E-Mails, asking what is going on at the pits. Well we haven’t hunted for a while, and I don’t think we are going to before Christmas. Ralph has Daughter, Kay, and Grandson, Scott, here for Christmas, and is wanting, some time, with them. Daughter Kay had surgery, just before the Nashville trip, and her Dad’s induction into the Hall of Fame, and could not make the trip, so she has some catching up to do.

But, there is many Reports, of a big numbers of Canada’s north of us yet. If there, would be, is a big storm that pushes down from the north through that area. We could have a couple of great days of hunting yet, this season. What I am saying if you see such situation forming, better be making some calls, and he and we will be there. I know the Boss would love to harvest a few more Big Boys yet this season. I know, also, he doesn’t want to go out there and just set and watch the skies, empty of birds. After Christmas, and you are wanting to go hunting, and it looks like there is a possibility, that something would decoy, Please give a call, and we will head that way.

I have been catching a little flack about my shooting ability this fall, and right fully so. I haven’t been the deadliest this fall.

I need to set this up just a little.

Back in the late 70’s I wrote a poem about one of our hunters and friend. Jerry is a real guy, and could make a shot every now and them, but was no crack shot, but wanted everyone to believe he was. This was also when we were killed big numbers, 600 to 900 Mallards, every fall. Jerry would claim 3, on each and every flock.

One morning I woke up with the beginning of this poem in my head, and put it down on paper. Ralph read it on the intercom almost everyday for the rest of the season. Well the other day one of my readers asked if I still had a copy of it and I had to E-Mail a copy of it to him, so I thought maybe a few other would enjoy reading it again. This is also where my pen name as Killer Karl come from, just because there was no other way to sign this poem.

The Claimer

Burt county hunters, will always remember
From opening day to late in December
How Jerry would try to kill a duck
No matter how he tried he had no luck
So in discuss, the new game plan became
Not to kill, just shoot three times, and claim

So on each go-a-round, he would give them a lick
Then survey the pond, to find where they lay thick
Then he would point, laugh and exclaim
Right over there, lies my pile of game

But all the old timers knew very well
Jerry kill a duck, no way in hell
After his chucking and acting all done
He would place three more rounds, in his harmless old gun

All the old hunters, knew he was as windy as a gale
And spread more bull, than you could haul in a pale
We would plead and suggest that he once go solo
Jerry would turn pale, and say oh! No no

Then he would holler, snort and jeer
Let that man shoot, I’ve shot my share this year

So the old pro would feel sorry and let him off the hook
Because he knew very well he would log a zero in the book
So jerry just set there, boast and claim
I’ll do my best to kill you some game

Killer Karl

I guess the next Business, is to wish you and your family all a very Merry Christmas. Also a very healthy and HAPPY NEW YEAR.

Thanks for your support, E-Mails, and interest over this hunting season. If there is anything to report, I will do it. If not, and God Willing, I will be back for the spring season.

If you are planning on hunting this spring, and have a group of friends you want to bring, better get your reservations in to Ralph quick. His book has some days already maxed out.

I will start Posting Reports when it looks we will be opening in the spring. That should be around the first of March. I know the Season open in February, but if we have old snow on the ground they will not be here. If the snow line has moved North of us and then it snows, we could have birds in the area, so keep touching base, and come enjoy one of natures, greatest sights and fun shoot that, you will ever have an opportunity to enjoy.

As always, Please, include the troops, and their families, in your bed time prayer, tonight and always.

See Ya Killer Karl

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