Monday, November 12, 2012

A Hard Day

I have tried to wright this in the blind several times today.  Every try my trend of thought was interrupted, either by conversation or birds.  But never the less this was a trying day.  Not because of conversation but on the account of the birds.  We blew our guts out, throughout the day.   I really think they are suffering from one of the problem I have.  THEY CAN'T HEAR.  But we had Canada's in the sky most of the day today.  And to rub some salt into the wound, we give up and headed to the house.  Before we were off the grounds there was about thirty big Canada's come circle, split into two flocks first half landed on the east shore and the other half made one more circle and land in the lake in front of the pits.  Could not get one in front of the pit all day, then we leave they pass over the pits, lower that we would have asked, to have a great shot, landing in the runway in the lake.  Sometime I feel the goose god, hates us. 
One highlight of the day.  We spot three birds coming our way and as always we get hid under the broomcorn.  But these three, didn't  required any calling.  Well we could not have called if we wanted to, because we have no call for swans.  One adult and two juvies.  What big and majestic birds.   They landed just a few yards in front of the blinds and of course everyone wanted a look and the commotion on the shore line was more than could tolerate, and with just a couple minutes rest, they lifted off and continued their Southerly  journey. 
Another highlight, was one beautiful flock and shot on ducks.  They was about 30-40 mallards that decoyed in, with a over 50% were green head today.  With a sharp turn, and coming down wind, the boss could not pass on such a shot.  Well the DIP count was low but it was so pretty.  It was not a long shot and patterns were still pretty small so that explains the low kill numbers, but it was a fun site.  However on another flock, if you go with a percent survival ratio, we made up for it.  We let only one escape, out of a flock of 6. 
Well I am sorry but this still sounds like I am complaining, but it is the best I can make out of a day like today
Please remember the troops, in your prayers, tonight and check back to see if I can get a better sounding report tomorrow
See ya.  Carl     

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