Sunday, November 11, 2012

Vetrans day shoot

Veteran day.  First off thank you, to all of our present and past vets.  You all are the best and may god bless each and everyone of you.
We had a boat load of customers this morning.  Need some serious action to make it a good day.  As legal come and went it was to dark for the boss, to want to call the shot.  We had very heavy clouds and he wants to know. what we are shooting.  So we passed on about 10 good go-a-rounds. 

 As it turned it was nothing to be upset about.  When the boss, turned us loose and we opened up, the action was nonstop.  Guys were getting nervous about their shell  consumption.   Guessing we have had to many days where 3 shells was all you need.  We forgot about all of those days in just minutes. Flock were falling in so fast. you hardly had time to reload.  Smiles all over the place, and happy hunters. 
Before the clouds moved out, the sky was full of Sky Carp, mixing in a few flocks of heart breakers.  Yes, we still have flocks of Specks, north of us, and they were flying  the valley again today .  This morning they all acted like they wanted to decoy, but their M-O is to break your heart, and not allowing you a shot, and they were, doing a great job of this, today. 

Clearing skies did bring some lower flying geese.  Of course the clear skies, also exposed  S&B's that were cursing the lower level of outer space, out of harms way,  as they rode, today's  wind south, 
This has to be one of the better morning shoot, this old man has ever experienced.  After the years I have sat in blinds at Kohlers.  For me, to make that statement should explain to even a novice hunter, that this morning has to be logged in, as a great shoot.

The afternoon was more geese, and a few ducks.  We bagged a couple Ross geese, and a Canada.  The Canada's are on the, tomorrow list.  We are eager to welcome a few of them to lake.  The season has been so slow getting underway, but a day like today has dimmed those memories.

Be sure to say a prayer for all the troops, on this day, their day, Veterans Day
Please check back
And we will see ya.   Carl

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