Thursday, November 22, 2012

Thanksgiving hunt

Again it has been awhile.  But this is one very unusual year.  Thanksgiving and we just come off a week of warm days and south winds. 
This morning the wind was so calm and we were seeing birds.  Well decoying birds with no wind, is not possible.  We were having a mini push of Cacklers.  After a bunch of frustrations, we got some wind.  When we got some wind and as expected, we got some birds, the migration, had just about run its course.  But there was a surprise, in store.  Had some Canadas, that lifted off the river, and with some pleading we talked them over us.  The boss called a down wind shot, because he was sure that may be our only chance, we would have.  We were armed with just 4 guns, but we did ourselves proud.  A bird for every gun.  It was some fast action, but the crew was up for the task.  Two adults and two grandkids. 
The picture above, is destine, for the youngsters scrapbook, I am sure. 
Best get ready for our Thanksgiving feast.  But remember the troops tonight in your prayers.  Also please check back.  We are in for a weather change and some weather that is more favorable to hunting.  Expecting the hunting to pick up.  The goose gods, owe us a favor, so hoping to cash in on it. 
See ya.   Carl 

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