Tuesday, November 06, 2012

windy but fun shots

The day got off to a very early start.  When they come down and opened the blinds, there were about a hundred sky carp on the east side of the blinds.  As the morning progress, and before legal we were hearing big flocks of ducks lifting off the lake.  Then soon after it was legal, we had a small flocks of duck swing just a little to close to the blinds and we went into action.  We scored but nothing to great.  Then about sun up we had 4 big Canada's float in from the north.  The boss is still talking about the shooting on that flock and it is not bragging, talk.  We didn't do to well.  All should have been down, but you have to remember, we have not had any shots at Canada's and our mind were in need of a "Canada adjustment", in order to shoot good.  I can only report, my feelings, but I was nervous.  We have not had many chances, on them yet, this season.
At least this morning we were seeing birds, more in line what you are to expect for this time of year. 
We had three go a rounds on Canada's by 11:30.  We got some of the jitters out of our minds, and wiped out one whole flock, of one.
Also today we seen, heard, flocks a moving south.  All kinds of geese was on the move.  We also seen the big sea gull, pelicans, as well as the cormorant, making their south.
As you know we listen to the weather stations real good.  So the boss tells me I should inform everyone, that the time and the weather, has got itself lined up for a few great shooting days.  Now this is not my predictions, because when I predict everything goes in the tank, but Ralph says Sunday, Monday and Tuesday, are all powder burning days.
Summery of the day is, we are seeing a few birds that have moved into the area.  With the wind today it was sporting shooting.  When there is a wind they do find, a fast escape route. 
Will let ya go, but please check back.  Also say a prayer for our troops.  It is getting close to Veterans Day, so if possible say a prayer for them too.
See ya.   Carl

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