Sunday, November 04, 2012


Yesterday I neglected two things.  First off I was wanting to say that we will be leaving the cafe a 5:45 with the time change.  We have been getting to the pits a little early, but have held off until daylight saving time ended, to make the adjustment.  Again we will leave the café at 5:45
 The second thing I did not post a picture of Remmy, but have had so many comments, phone calls, and E Mails, on last evening report, that I feel I should have posted the picture I took for Kyles scrapbook.   So the picture, is Remmy and the bird he brought back to the blind, plus the other two that Robert and Kyle had harvested.
No action today as far as shooting. But we were seeing late in the day a good movement of snow and blues and specks.  I am guessing at least 10 flocks total.  
I guess this all I can report today, but remember say a little prayer for our heros.  who are serving us and please check back.
See Ya    Carl

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