Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Great action BUT

Sorry about the fact, there was no report for Tuesday.  When I got home I had a couple details I had to handle around the house and then sat down for a short minute. The next thing I know the wife wakes me to eat.   I was so tired, I just could not get busy and finish up the report, using the notes I had made, during the day.

Then there was another issue, that was bothering me, I was wondering if I should report it or forget it.  First off, I have to report the crew was not shooting the best, and as we walked out carrying two sacks of garbage that was about a quarter of the way full of empties, and 4 Canada's and a hand full of ducks.  Our local warden met up with us as we left, yesterday.  He stopped us and questioned us, as to if we had shot all them shells today or not, and we assured him we had.  Then he wrote all of us up for "impersonating a hunter and harassing wild life" and confiscated our garbage, as evidence.  The boss told him he was wrong, Ralph, was claiming that we were all great shots.  Ralph, said "they have to be good shots to throw that much steel in the air filled that many birds, and not hurt any, it takes tons skill, to do that".  But the Warden just kept writing.  I guess they will send us a letter when our court date is.
It was really embarrassing how bad we shot.  Hope them lapse of skills are short term.

Now to today, things are so slow.  Had a pair of Cacklers give is a look then had an idea we were to deadly so flew off.  Boy, were they mistaken.

Well this is enough nonsense for one report.  Going to include a picture taken by Garry Mason, out at the lake, earlier this fall.  He titled it "this is how everyday should start".  I will vote for that.  A beautiful sunrise, always gets my day off to a good start.

Please say a prayer, for all the men and women that are watching over our country tonight and every night.

Check back again for better news from the hunting front.
See Ya    Carl    

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