Thursday, November 15, 2012


Redemption day.  Our bad shooting was just a minor virus.  We shook it off and, thing are looking much more rosie .   
We started off with three Cans coming into our steel curtain and finding themselves feet up in the pond.   Us regulars, had help so we were not sure if the customers that was doing the damage.  This after noon the crowd was leaving and us helpers, talked the boss into leaving, too.  After three to four flock giving us a look, then flying off, we devised a new plan.  At about 3:00 a flock was just about of range of our calls moving south.  So plan B was put into action, and in short order we had a pair pull out, then another pair, then the whole flock decided to come with them.   Now remember the crew in the pits, is the same crew that could not sink a wash tub in a swimming pool, on Tuesday.  With this quad, bearing down on us, with the first two out in front of the other two and the big flock, by many yard, it was apparent that we had to act on just the two..  These two, was coming in many yards out with their feet down, which by the way just tears me up.  Well they made it just a few feet out over blinds and the water, before they were DIP.  Yep they were Dead In Pond.  Kicking at the stars, grave yard dead!!  Never got the old smoke pole empty on them.  Boss! we did good.   Can you forgive us for Tuesday???  Please.   
That was the frosting on today's cake.
Let ya go, but please say a little prayer for the troops tonight, and also check back.
See ya.   Carl

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