Sunday, October 18, 2009

The hunting is slow

Best that I try to up date you. I heard today that someone was passing the word that I had broke both index fingers so was un able to up date this blog. Well I have no broken fingers, but the brain has been on vacation as to what to write. Didn’t want to post that we got more rain and the sun did not shine again for the umpteenth time in the month of October. Also there has not been one time when we struggled to carry the birds out, when we left the pits. Reports are there is hundred of birds just a few miles north and west of our location and they are seeing birds but that is not the case at our place. However it sounds like they are not having the best luck either. Since I reported to you last we have not harvested more than two birds on any day and has been only one day when we harvested two and that was today.

Did have some sunshine today, but it is late enough in the season that we should have winds from the North or North West. Well today we had a great wind but if was from the South Southwest. However the wind did dry the ground some and I did see some of the farmers are back in the fields, trying to harvest. We really need for the farmers to get some of this crop out, or better yet ,all of it out.

Had some reports that the Dakota’s, are in worst shape than we are as far as harvest goes, and they are getting snow when we are getting the rain. So I guess it could be worst

Well let hope I have more to report this coming week than we did this past week.

In the mean time , when you are talking to our maker ask him to protect our troops, each and every day.

Please check back and well see ya


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