Friday, October 23, 2009

We had sun shine

Well we didn’t drown, but it was close. We did a little hunting right through the monsoon, and it was a wet one. The rain raised the lake level several inches, so right now we have more water than the boss likes. Not sure if w are pulling the plug or going to live with it.Had some birds today, that done some funny things so that makes me think we may be dropping the lake level some.

Once the rain quit, and clouds parted just a little, we started seeing birds. We were hearing the spreads north and west of us blazing away about an hour before we were, seeing bird in our area. We did get into the ducks a couple of times and had other, near misses with both ducks and geese. Seen our first flock of migrating Snow and Blues today. But what we seen the most of, was Hawks. Are they ever on the move. That is not just exactly, right, because we seen many flocks of cormorants, but it was not unusual, to spot 8 to 12 Hawks, at a time, soaring there way south. Now don’t think they were always the same birds, because you could follow one group south and then in a few minutes there would be another group move in from the north.

Sure was nice to see the Sun again in the sky, was a little fearful of sunstroke for a while, but decided that maybe I should stand up and enjoy the treat. I think today was the third day we have seen the sun since we started hunting, and today was the 13th day of hunting. R K keeps saying he has never seen an October when he has seen fewer birds.

Best get this posted and see if, I can get some other thing done, this evening before bed time. So remember the troops with a little prayer tonight.

Please check back, and we will see ya


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