Sunday, October 11, 2009

Day two and no pictures

Well things were much slower today, at our pits. We walked away with heaver bag, but fewer birds in the bag. We got into the Canada’s. Was a very small bunch and it was less than great shooting, but we put 2/3 of the flock down. There was on reason for the other one not coming down. He was hit and will never see Kansas again, but limped out of our sight. Also was into ducks two times but that was just plain bad shooting, and I refuse to make excuses for me or any one else. So as tonnage goes we done better today than we did yesterday.

Spotted just a couple flocks of Specks on the move. Was so many yesterday so hoping that there were not more above the clouds, and there are some yet to come. Would be nice to say we got into a few of them. The boss says they have his number, and always get away. Not that I am complaining, but would love to see one on the ground again before I go the happy hunting grounds.

Understand North of us a few miles where all the habitat restoration work has been done, the ducks are staying in those areas and the hunters, are having a time of there life. Great to hear. One of these days they will be moving our way and we will be having the fun, if those guys don’t shoot them all.

Had several E-Mail saying they would never check back if I did not, let out the Cutting Edge Device I spoke of. Well I really suggest if you are one who wanders around in the dark, and especially so if you have a bad leg as your truly, you get one. But go to ( and check this unit out. It is a camo cap with 3 Led built in right in and under the bill. They are great. The one on the end of the bill is all you need for walking. The two under are right for going down steps, or reading something, and I have no idea just when you would ever use all three. I understand they are at sporting good stores in Omaha. But they are there when you need than and are not in the way when shooting. Now don’t worry I am not getting any money off this product, because I think I am to damn smart to invent something so simple but so great.

Well I must get this posted so must close

Please remember the troops tonight in your prayers ,and please check back

See Ya Carl

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