Friday, October 30, 2009

We seen some Waterfowl today

Things are starting to look up. Even though, the bag did not reflect it, there was some waterfowl activity on the Tekamah bottoms today. We seen dozens of flocks of ducks, several flock of Snow and Blues, along with a couple three flocks of Specks and a flock of the Big Ones. Did end up with a few ducks, but nothing to brag about.

Why I wouldn’t miss tomorrow for nuttin. I am very serious, about that statement too. With snow in the Dakota’s, Sunshine forecast, a favorable wind, just why would you set at home???

The flocks of duck we seen , most were a mixed bags, but there were allot of Mallards, Pintails, Gadwall, Wigeons, a few divers, Bluebills, but was no Green wing. But the ducks were on the move.

It was a treat to hunt today, since we got to see something, after so many days of not seeing any thing at all. Made the walk through the mud worth the trip. Gives you some hope for tomorrow. I am sure Ralph would go along with me saying we seen more Ducks and Geese today, than we have all the rest of the season. That may be stretching it just a little, but it was a fruitful day, for the eyes.

Most of the day we had a slight mist, but we did not get wet or had to put the covers on. There has been many a day when , hunting was more uncomfortable. The forecast, has promised a few days of sunshine, so lets pray they keep their word. Has been a gloomy, month of October.

Say a little prayer for out troops tonight and please check back, and let see if I don’t have more to write about in the coming days

See Ya Carl

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