Monday, October 12, 2009

A fun day

What a day, one of the better days of hunting. We all must have a case of the EARLY SEASON JITTERS yet. I promised R K that I would say we had the twofers today. We were short on fire power and then none of us could shoot. See we had four small flocks of geese in today and any one of us should have harvested what the group did. There was 3 to 4 guns, and all we could manage was 8 birds total. Two small flocks of Specks and two small flocks of Canada’s, and just two birds out of each and ever one of those flocks. To be fair the third flock is the only time, we had 4 guns, and the other three go-a-rounds we had only 3 guns. Numbers not to brag about.

I am unsure just what is in store, but in last night report I said I really want to be in on the harvesting of Specks again before I go to the Happy Hunting Grounds. Well we done it today, so I am hoping the Big Guy does not have plans for me.

Now I just have to comment on the Birds we did get down. The Specks were marked, with big black bars. They were defiantly trophy birds. The Canada’s were trophy birds too. They were huge birds, had to be over the 12 pound numbers. Should have put them on a scales, I had an electronic scales, left there last night to do just that. Also had a camera, and didn’t take a picture, but I am blaming that on the depression that set in because of the shooting. Would have been a good picture with BIG BARS and BIG BIRDS together

Guys, It is looking like we are having a early Winter. So if you plan on waiting until the last week in November or December, to show up, you may just be to late. Had a hunter report in, he had just come back from No. Dakota, Said he has never had such a great hunt up there. Said the country is full of Mallards. He lives in So Dakota and there were plenty of birds there also. With the Whitefronts, moving and this is a few days early for them and with a week of snow in the forecast, it is shaping up, and making us believe we will have a early migration. You might as well come and enjoy missing birds with us.

Our friend, the Sand Bar hunter, was commenting on how good Breakfast is in the Blinds. Would some one please name one food, that tastes bad in the blind. I don’t care if it is over or under seasoned Ray Charles Chili, or, Dolly Pardon Chicken on a bed of rice, Cold Sausage and warm, over cooked eggs. They are good when your eating in the pits. I always say that my meals are so good that a Chihuahua could bust an anchor chain, off an oil tanker, just to get to a plate of it. There is no bad grub at any lake, no bad coffee. Can’t stand tap water at home, because it is not cold enough, well it is good right off the shelf in the pits, and may be above 70 degrees, but it is still good, in the blinds. Better close this and plan a meal for tomorrow, just may make up some Dead Cow Stew, These blind meals are the best. Thanks Sure Shot, you helped me out with this a paragraph tonight.

Say a little prayer for all our hero’s that are serving this country, tonight and ever night

See Ya ,and get you buns coming this way because there is room and we are needing the help shooting


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