Saturday, October 31, 2009

We had sunshine for the whole day.

Today was not as fruitful, as we had anticipated, but at least the guns come out of the rack. After all the birds we seen on the move yesterday we though the bottom would be full of birds today. Must be to muddy for them or maybe it is the fields, they are still full of standing crops. Now don’t think, we didn’t see birds today because we did. Most were on the mover and high. Did get into Canada’s, got into one flock of 6, ending up with 4 in the bag.

Were not so lucky on the ducks. We passed on a couple flocks, and had a couple more surprise flock that snuck in with out detection. I think the most disappointing thing today was the fact that there were no ducks in the dark. After all we seen yesterday I was sure that the morning sky would be full of ducks. I think that is the most fun of water fowling any more, is seeing the ducks dive in, before it is light enough to shoot. There is nothing and then the area if filled with ducks and before you could think of shooting they are out of site again. Some times you think you could catch your limit if you had a big dip net. How do they keep from running in to another duck or, some solid object??

Tomorrow is the 1st of November and we have not had a good picture quality sunrise, yet. That is another fall thrill, is to see Old Sol, light up the clouds in the Eastern sky. I do love the pictures, that our maker provides on those morning. It just don't get to cold to stand and watch as clouds gather and then lose those colors.

Must report, that we seen our first flocks of Cacklers today. Had reports that hunters on the Platte River, were getting into some of them.

Well I can’t think of anything else to tell you so will post this

So send out a prayer to the troops, tonight

Plaese check back and we’ll see ya


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