Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The Migration continues today, but was hampered by the fact of no sunshine again. The lake was full of pelican this morning when we went out. Boy if you think a hog confinement unit stinks; being down wind of those dudes is no picnic. After they flew out the odor was there for at least another, half hour. They were not too happy that we made then move, but you could not stand that.

Did not see any traveling ducks today, but they could have been above the low hanging clouds. Seen our first big Flocks of Cormorants, as well as many more flocks of Blackbirds, so the move is still on and building.

The guns come out of the rack, enough times that we got off about 6 to 7 rounds each today. There has been many days I have wished we got that many shot in a day.

I hope I have my posting problem fixed. I have moved my margins in WORD and that is what screwed thing up. So I moved them back so will see if that solves the problem. Sorry for the mess up. That don’t explain to my just why the font changes sizes, but that is what it was doing, so we will soon find out

Remember the troops, tonight in your prayers and check back to see if the font is fixed

See Ya Carl

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