Monday, October 19, 2009

The migration is in full swing

We have the feeling the Migration has begun. There was plenty of activity in the skies today. Seen several species of ducks including Mallards Pintails Gadwalls, Widgeon, and the list goes on. Also had several flocks of Canada’s decoy into us today, and several flocks of Specks all on the move. Most of the Specks were real high. The Canada’s were low but, not sure if they were local or migratory. They were spooky, but one flock we had a shot on two but thought we would get a shot on all so passes. Well surprise, surprise. They put on such a show on their way in, so we were just happy to watch that. We had lost our wind and the lake was glass at that minute, so think that was the problem. We hope so anyway. We harvest a couple of limits of ducks, primary Mallards, a couple of pintails and a gadwall.

Beside the Waterfowl activity, there was much more migration activity. Today there were plenty of Blackbirds, Cormorants, Snipe, Avocet, Spiders, the damn little Ladybug, and I know there was more that I missed than I named. There was always something to be watching in the sky today. We have not seen any blue sky until today so we just enjoyed seeing what was moving. I should also name the planes, but you can guess all of them and they don’t cook up to good.

The boss says this is the week to get there if you are wanting to shoot. Weather does not sound the best, but if the shooting is good who cares.

Sorry about yesterdays posting. I didn’t check it last night and this morning I had two E-Mails telling me the first paragraph is messed up. Well I can’t get it to change and there was not much info there. I will try to work on it a little later to see if I can fix it.

Have some research to do, on the computer, so must close this and get it posted.

Please remember the troops tonight in your prayers

Also please check back and I hope tomorrow, I have a great report

See Ya Carl

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