Saturday, October 10, 2009

A unusual opening day

Opening day is here and done with. Was the most unusual, opening day I have ever hunted. Have been in the pits on opening day most of the years that I have hunted with Pappa Goose. Starting in 1971. My first day of hunting out there was in 1970. I know that since 1975, I have, open the season in the pits. In those 34 years there has never been an opening day when we had snow, and a major Whitefront push, that day. Today we had both. Have had a major Snow and Blue push, on opening day, but never a Whitefront push. Of course I have never had to wait until October 10 for openday either. Back to the Specks, reports were this morning, they had flown most of the night (Oct 9), and were moving, pretty steady yet this morning. Some were low, but most were real high. When we got to the blinds this morning there was Specks, in the lake, we done our best to get in and out of sights, before they seen us but there are a pretty weary bird and when it got light enough for us to see, there was one lonely Canada, in the decoys. He vacated shortly after we open up on some ducks. The Specks dropped off to almost nothing around 1:00. Was a few flock that looked us over, but none got stupid enough that we shot, However we had near misses on both the Specks and Canada’s. There is tomorrow.

Did get report that some of the spreads got shots at Specks. Have not got any official reports, but rumor were flying that the “Sandbar Hunters you know those Hard working Ram Tough salesmen, got into the Specks good today. Best not get on them to hard cause they are making money, paying into SS, so I can have a couple of check every Month. But if they did I am happy for them. Those Specks, are one tough bird to fool. We ended up with just a few ducks.

We had a couple of suicidal long bill that got in the way of my shot today. I think they die if there is a shot pattern within 6 feet of them. The boss likes to get on me about them, but I feel “IF THEY FLY THEY DIE” so if they are in the way, clear a path, cause there could be a good one just pass him. Beside I had to check out these new eyes, on the birds. Speaking of the new eyes, I did not know I was so blind before. They didn’t have to point out flocks today, I could find them, on my own.

Well best close this. This is Saturday, the night I have to feed and water the old lady, so best hit the tub and do my Hubby thing.

Remember the troops tonight in your prayers, and see ya.

Killer Karl

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