Sunday, October 04, 2009

Less than a week to go

The lake is pumped, the blinds are ready, and the date is growing near. Ralph has been on bird watch most morning and is seeing birds every day. They are mostly Canada’s, but a few ducks too.

The youth hunts that was held in the area was successful at all places I have heard of. Ernie Glup had a big crowd at his lake, as well on his farm pond and they worked the Canada’s over pretty good. I am not sure of the exact number but is was over 20 for the two days. Also several other groups of youth, had a very successful shoot

All reports, lead you to believe the blue wing have all gone south, so the duck activity is a little slower. Sure Shot of Muck Bottoms reports that took some gadwall on their setup, on the youth week end shoot. So maybe there will be some action, there, when we finely get to go to the pits. I am not sure just why the game commission wanted to open so late. But in the past we would have been open by now.

Come the 10 of October, sunrise will occurs at the blinds at 7:30. So with the magic formula of 1 1/2 hours before sunrise, is when we depart from the cafĂ©, that means we are leaving Tailgator’s Bar and Grill at 6:00. That means if you are wanting them to feed you breakfast, you need to allow time for that. I try to be there one hour before time to leave.

Yesterday, I got called to the bosses house to pick up a piece of new gear, that had been sent from Calif, for me. Well I want you all to know this pieces of equipment is on the cutting edge, and soon all hunter will have it. This is so new that even the dudes at Muck Bottoms, do not have it or even aware, there is such a thing. I would give you more info, but I want every one to envy me, for having one and they not able to even order one. I will expand more on this tool after the season opens, cause you can order, off the internet. I really should show it to the UPS man, because they may have to get some more trucks, to handle the shipments to the area.

Well we are under a week before the action starts. I think, we are ready and I hope the birds are too. Should have went out and took a picture of the lake to post with is but, have a brunch to go to here in a few minutes, making time an issue

As always, remember, to say a little prayer for the troops.

See Ya Carl

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