Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Another fun day

A second day of shooting. Did not end up with quite as many Canada’s in the bag today but, we enjoyed some great decoying. We had birds give us the whole enchilada of decoying today. They “CORN SHUCKED” high and they “CORN SHUCKED” low.

There was still a good movement of geese, yet today, but not every flock would decoy. Yesterday almost every flock of geese that come along,we could get to work, but today it was different. Some flocks would work and then the next flock may just fly over and act as though we never give them a call. Then there were some that acted like they were coming off a long trip, and found home. I think we had a better quality shot today, and also we had more guns. Most everyone in my pit used up most of a box of shells. I think we were into Canada’s 4 times and about 3 time on ducks, so if you went into action on every go-a-round there was 21 shots.

The ducks were responding, better today than they did yesterday, and I think there were more flock today too. Was shocked that there were so few birds around real early, you know in the dark. Fully expected to have the lake full of Canada’s, and maybe even some ducks. Well that was not the case the pond was bare. There was no duck buzzing your decoys in the dark, or after it was legal. Think it was after sunrise and after, before we started seeing any ducks. That has been the norm, this fall that there are no early ducks, in the morning.

Needless to say that the past two days are far more desirable, than it was for about two week, ending, just yesterday. At least there were birds in the sky as well as birds that decoyed. During the dry spell there was nothing, except a few Spoonies that took up residents in the lake. They would leave about sunrise and returned, some time after we had give it up.

About time I close this and get it posted. Remember the guys and gals that are doing the dangerous stuff, far from home, and missing out on the Holidays. Please include their families in your prayers too.

Check back and we’ll see ya


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