Friday, November 27, 2009

A two day report

This is a two day report. Thanksgiving day and today. Will do it the way it happened.

Thanksgiving has been a day when a few of my close friends and my grandsons enjoyed the hunt. We make something for breakfast and have a long visit. This years RK did hunt too. There was some other hunters that need to be away, while the wife got a big meal for them. This year our breakfast, was delicious as usual, and the hunting was good, calling at a few ducks. The grandkids had to get in earlier, than was earlier planed. So at about 10:30 we zipped up our blind bags and headed for town. As we left the pit area, there was the usual greeting passed, “Hope you make it to the shed, before we shoot” and we give it back with “Me too”. As we made it to the area, where the pickup is parked we heard a Canada honk. We looked up and seen 8 big old boys making the hook and heading right down the gut, toward the decoys, Corn Shucking all the way, up to the decoys. They took 5. What a sight. I think there was also a duck harvested Thursday too.

Now on to today. We pulled up stakes so we could watch the Husker game, missing only a little over a quarter. Was pleased with the outcome but sure wish we had just a little better offense. Next is the Big Twelve Championship game, against Texas. Not to confident we can have such a happy outcome.

Earlier in the day we had two go-a-rounds on Canada’s, placing 6 DIP. Could have been a little better on the one flock, but on the first flock, we had more luck and took more than we should have. So it balanced out. There was a heart breaker today also. We had flock of over 100 come from the North, and look so good, all the way. At that time there was just no wind at all and I think that is what got them all mixed up into little flocks going all different ways. Well one flock almost run into another flock, so they got a little leery and left the area. Boy there was some big ones in that flock.

There was not many ducks in the skies. Not sure that the Fed’s are telling us the truth on the number of ducks. I feel it is safe to say, we have seen more ducks in most any week of any season, other than past 5 years, than we have so far this season. The reports of them so thick in the Dakota’s, and we just are not seeing any. Why aren’t some of them moving out with this colder weather up there. So many times in the past you would see flock of several thousand working a field, and we have not seen that for 5 years, and maybe more. Maybe they are just flying over this area, but you would think we would see something to make you believe that.

Enough complaining, Please check back and keep the troops in your prayers

See Ya


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