Sunday, November 08, 2009

Changing winds but still a little action

We had no wind, changing wind, and a great wind today. Early in the morning if we would have had just a little wind we would had a great day. There were both ducks and geese giving us a look. I should also say the geese were Snow and Blues, and there was about 4 to 6 bunches and all were either to early or during the time when we had no wind.

At about 10 minutes early we had a nice flock of about 30 to 40 that come in very quite. Two almost landed in the decoys, then pulled out and come right over the pits so low, we thought we could have snatched them, out of the sky. Then when it got legal we lost all our wind and getting them birds in for a shot with a slick lake is not possible. By about 8:00 the wind come up and we had a great wind the rest of the time we were out.

Later on in the day we had a flock that got playing around with us and a 3 pack, got just a little low. A couple found themselves D I P. Around 11:00 or so had a small bunch of small ducks, doing a speedy buzz job, daring us to open up. We did and a couple of those paid the price.

Sure would like to talk a little, about last night game, but do not want to offend anyone from Oklahoma. But just have to say, when it comes to defense, I think we had the best squad. The boys done good, and the state is proud of them. A great game, their on the way back.

Had another great sunrise but I will spare you, and not post another picture. Been a great week for sunrises. Probably was none in Oklahoma.

Say a little prayer for the troops, and there families, especially for those serving in the hot spots, as well as those, involved with the mess at Foot Hood.

See Ya Carl

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