Monday, November 23, 2009

Some action today

Okay folks, I have not died, have not been in the hospital, have not been ill, have not been gone, but have been sick of this hunting season. Did see a little activity today. Had two flocks of ducks in on us early this morning, got shots at both flocks. Harvesting 7. Very low on hunters, so that was not to bad for the number of guns that were in action. We are getting a little change in the weather pattern, as well the Jet stream is moving into our area in the next few days so expecting a push of birds. It is so hard to believe that it is Thanksgiving, and have not had much of a migration as of yet. The boss keeps telling us he see more Canada’s in July out on the lake with no water, than we have been seeing here of late. Supposed to have an unbelievable number of ducks and Canada’s in South Dakota, that should be moving into our area, as soon as there is some weather to make them to get airborne. The next couple of days the forecast is for North or Northwest winds. Could prove to be exciting, lets hope so.

Well keep checking back and see if there is something to report. Also remember to say a little prayer for the troops, tonight and every night

See Ya Carl

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