Sunday, November 29, 2009

First the picture. This young lady, took issue to the remarks in another Blog about R K and the Boys taking Canada’s again. She got waders so she could help retrieve. She also took issue with my statement in yesterday’s report when I said, “good shooting guys,” when I wrote they took 6 out of 8 birds. That is when the picture was taken. We have a different young lady hunting there tomorrow. She is as serious hunter as you will ever meet. So will watch what I write tomorrow too.

The Canada shooting slowed down a little today, but it has been a great run. Have got Canada’s for the past 6 days. Was a little slower today than any of the other past 5, but it brought our total up to either 68 or 69 for the six days.

This morning we had high hopes of a big Canada day with the weather forecast the way it was with a great Northwest wind , a clearing sky, as well as a cold front moving through. Seen plenty very early this morning but they were as usual, hard to get to decoy that early in the morning. By the time it got to what we call “Goose Time” there were not so many on the move. Had several flocks coming from the south this morning. So we must have a few that are camping in the area. Southwest winds tomorrow so we will see what that brings.

Ducks: don’t know what to say on them. Not seeing any, we fielded a few phone calls today, asking if we were seeing any, because they were not. Everyone heard, or seen, the push of ducks we seen a couple a days ago, but have not seen any since. Did they move on through?? Sure would be fun to have a morning again, where you would have ducks buzzing around and diving into the decoys. Maybe some setting in the weeds around the lake quacking to you while you were waiting for it to become legal.

Please say a little prayer for all the troops and their families tonight at bed time.

See ya and Check back


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