Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Birds and a Birthday cake, make for a great day

Was a busy day. A powder burning day. We put the smoke poles into action starting early and kept them working most of the day. The garbage sacks contained several empty shell boxes and plenty of empty hulls.

We almost doubled our goose total for the season, and they were all big Canada’s. Most were to the tops side, of the weight bracket too. You know in the 11 to 12 pound side. I know the two I carried out may have weighted only about 11.5 lbs when I left the pits but were over 20 lbs before I got to the truck. A couple of hunters left with out taking any birds but almost everyone had their limit. Not for sure but I think we had 7 go-a-rounds on Canada’s. We also had a few ducks. With the wind we had today, about 20MPH, it was a sporting shot, and never a chocolate shot for the day, accounting for the huge number of hulls in the trash. Remembering the long dry spell, we just went through, I would not want to change a thing about today, including the misses and long shots. One great day.

Don’t remember just how many flocks of geese we seen today (+30), and just how you would have counted them. One time we had about 6 different flocks all decoying to us at one time. There was another time when we had a flock come in from the North and a flock from the West, both decoying in and then there was a nice flock of about 100 Mallards all circling us at the same time. Of course we passed on the ducks. Another time we had a flock of seven come in low as we worked a bigger flock, and the seven landed in the lake behind the blind, they were not even shot at.

Also had a few flocks of Snow and Blues, but could not talk any of those into our spread. Some were small flock, but as the day went on, the flocks got bigger. Seen one flock of about 400 to 500 birds in it. I am going to say we had to see at least 30 flocks of Mallards too.

There was also a little celebration in my pits. See I had another birthday on Sunday, so today Robert and Mindy Thomas brought me a B’day cake. This cake and the birds, make for a damn good and memorable day. Thanks Mindy, you are a super jewel. Was going to post a picture of the cake but cut off Mindy's head in the picture, so were passing on that.

Remember the troops in your bed time prayer and please check back

See Ya


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