Sunday, November 01, 2009

New Month New Hope

New month, November, and 22 days into the season and we have our first picture. Our maker sent out his sky artist, and they painted a good picture in the shy worth getting the camera out of the blind bag and to go into action. I will do my best to include. Now remember I am old and am working with an different type of operating system, so cross your fingers.

Was probably the most promising looking day of the season. We had just a few duck buzzing around, and it was clear we were going to have a sunrise, of quality, as Old Sol was making his way to the horizon. We were interning a new month, with a great wind blowing and making the lake look so good. There was even a fresh set on the decoys. The picturesque sunrise was there, for over a half hour, before the sun broke up over the clouds and really brought on the day. We were seeing geese moving down the valley, and a few were passing over our lake. Before 8:30 we had one of the largest flock of Canada’s come floating down over the river, we have ever seen for this early in the season. Late in the season it is not uncommon to see huge flock of around 150 plus birds but not this early. Just prior to this big flock we had two come into the lake and belly up in front of the blinds and they were rendered DIP in short order. Where I am going with all of this we soon were jolted back to reality, that this is still the 2009 season. We had 2 or 3 close encounters with identified fly objects (geese) with no contact . It ended up being a pretty long dry spell before we pulled up stakes and come to the house.

As always please say a little prayer for all the hero that are protecting our nation

See ya Carl

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