Saturday, November 07, 2009

Was a little action today

Guessing that I must update you. However there is a little to write about. Did have just a little of action today.

Sorry about the picture I promised, but the great thing about the picture is, there was a great sunrise three days in a row. So now if I post one which one??? May go check them out and post one anyway. Yes I will post Mondays

As for the action: The past few days every morning we spot a few flocks and are sure that thing is going to kick in and we have a day. Well about as fast it begins to look good it shuts down just as fast. Had allot of action this morning for about 2 to 3 hours and then it turned off again. Everything was high, but at least there was something to look at. Also was seeing plenty of Eagles today too. I always thought they followed the duck and geese and feasted on the injured ones that got away. What we are seeing they are in front of the Waterfowl. Rumors are, that the Dakota’s ,have so much water and no crops out, so what is to move them out and send them on our way. I have a feeling it will take a big snow storm. Can they get snow and us not??? Sure hope so.

Since I last posted something I think we have got 4 ducks and one goose. Two of the ducks and the goose is what we took today. We were so excited that we almost called the World Herald, sports dept and reported this hot action. Beginning to think that I made a bad investment when I bought shells before the season opened. Not quite ready to offer them for sale but it is getting close.

Well remember the troops, and please include the families involved with the tragedy at Fort Hood, in your prayers tonight. They are in need of our support.

Please check back

We’ll see ya Carl

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