Saturday, November 28, 2009

Took Canada's again today

Not much wind until after lunch so the decoying just would not work. We were seeing birds, but to get them to decoy, just would not work. When the wind did come up we were seeing our first sight of migrating Mallards. Up until then we had not seen enough, of what we thought may be migrator’s, to admit we were seeing ducks on the move. Late in the day today, we were seeing huge flocks of Mallards. Boy did it look good to see them. too We have not seen enough yet to admit that the Fed are right, but at least we are seeing some.

We started off early this morning seeing Canada’s but with a very light wind, decoying them was impossible. Once we got some wind we decoyed two small flocks. One with 5 and places all of them DIP and then a flock of 8 and only two of those got away. Good shooting guys. Took two real big ones today. One weighted in at 13 lbs and the other at 13.2 lbs. All of them we good sized but this was the two big ones.

Since this is Saturday night and that is Mommies night to dance on the tables, so this has to be short. And then I need my beauty sleep.

So remember the guys and gals protecting our right to go hunting and many other things, in your bed time prayers.

Check back with the hopes we have bigger and better report tomorrow.

See Ya Carl

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