Monday, November 09, 2009

We are still waiting

Today was about the same as the past few. All of the big activity was early in the morning. Did have a pretty good wind most of the day, but the birds were not on the move, yet

For the past few years the Snow’s and Blue’s have move through in such large flocks that decoying them was almost impossible. So the Boss has not spent much time thinking about them. Well this year has been different and they have been in the size flock we seen in back in the 80’s. Flocks of 50 or less, and you can work, that size flock. We may need to set a few more decoys, if this trend keeps up. Not seeing many Canada’s, and the skies is almost void of ducks. Did see a pair and a spare of pintails, that come in and land in the pond , escaping with out being shot at.

The Bag included Two big boys, one Blue, and one duck, and that is not much of a bag for the 9th of November.

I am hearing the ground is so wet in the Dakota’s that all the crops are still in, and they are covered up with waterfowl, and they are not moving out. We have not seen a real good Pintail push yet. There is a few being reported in the reserves, south of us, but there has to be the biggest share of them still north yet. The Fed’s have told us for the past few years that there is plenty of Mallards and we have not seen them. Well the reports today, it is unbelievable of the Mallards that are covering the Dakota’s right now. So just maybe we will see them this year. Sure hope so. Hope is about all that keeps us going to the pits daily, it just has to get started some time and tomorrow may be the day. Surly not all of them are going to wait for the big storm are they???

Not much more to report so will close this

Say a prayer for the troops tonight and please check back

See Ya Carl

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