Thursday, November 10, 2011

Cold and Slow

Had both ice and geese on the pond when we arrived this morning. After another decoy adjustment, we settled in, and let a couple Canada's slip through.

The ducks flocks are in small bunches today. The Canada's come in pairs, and the ducks, were not making an easy shot for us either.

One of the highlights of the day was we had about, 75 Cacklers come darting and diving down thought the bottom. Took a notion to give us a look. Well after missing us for the sixth or seventh time heading on their merry way. They drive you nuts. One time I thought the boss was going to get to call a down wind shot on them. They evaded that shot too. They were in play for over five minutes. They are almost as good at breaking your heart as the Speck are.

About 3:30,, we had about 20 big Canadas float over the lake, but had food on their minds and chose a field north of us, for their feast. We will see them in the morning.

Today's bag was three big boys and one was really a big one and less than a hand full of Mallards. At least they were mallards.

As always remember the troops in your prayers.

Please check back

See ya. Carl

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