Saturday, November 19, 2011

A funny thing happened today

The weather was a little different than forecast this morning. Our Northwest wind was a Northeast wind. We also had a little water falling out of the heavy clouds that covered the sun.

The group of hunters I had setting in my blind was a little anxious, because there was two brand new smoke poles, and was wanting to test out these guns. Both were formerly Clickity Clack owners and sporting brand new auto loaders. Bet before the day is over one or both, the owner will be shorted on a go-a-round, because he cannot pump it.

As the morning progressed, the wind got moving a little more into the Northwest. We are now seeing, more birds moving. There just has to be one of these flocks, that are interested in our spread.

At about 11:00, we had a flock of about 30 big boys, that like what we had to offer. They were low over the decoys out front when we went into action. In this wind they just kept getting closer. I was out of shells, way to soon. Wow was there some great shots late. Had 7 DIP. Have a couple of Biguns. Almost 13 pounds on a couple of them.

Bingo, I was wrong on the Clickit-Clack owners. He didn’t try to pump it BUT one of them was petting his new Smoke pole, and in the process he flip the magazine cut off lever, and got only one shot on the Canada’s. No tears but plenty of ribbing.

Sorry but you will have to put up with one of my Sunrise pictures to night. This was taken yesterday and I just have to post it.

Remember the people that lay their lives on the line for us tonight and every night.

Check back and we will see ya


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