Monday, November 21, 2011

Fighting ice

We were still fighting the pump this morning. Have the Pump Shop working on it as I type. Sure they will have it back on line within the hour. Water is on at 10:30, thanks guys

Seen the first bunch of Mallards, of the day, that look like they would decoy. Could not get them to decoy into our ice patch.

While I was with the tech working on the pump, the hunters opened up three times. One Cackler, one Canada, and a long shot on a Blue, that left wounded. We're seeing a few bunches of Snows and Blues moving. We have got reports, stating the Sky Carp, was moving south in South Dakota, so guessing that is why we are seeing some flocks here today. Hope a few drop in here.

Including a picture, that is not a sunrise, but worthy anyway. The gentlemans son, found these decoys on line and bought them. They were three K&W decoys that Ralph and Monty West manufactured, back in the 50s. These three still had the original paint job. Quite the find.

As always say a little prayer for the safety of the troops that serve us tonight.

Also please check back, cause one of these days there is going to be a report about one great powder burning day.

See ya Carl

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