Wednesday, November 09, 2011

A day with great conditions, BUT

Early morning shooting, was confined to just ducks. Had a couple go-a-rounds on ducks. Had one flock that was hurrying a little, at about 99 MPH, a small crew took 9 out of it. Seen a couple flocks of Cacklers, that give us a good look, but no tamale. Am hoping to work over of their friends yet this season before it ends.

We had a major migration of snows today. All were about two miles high, and could not hear. Also seen several flocks of pelicans. Believe it, there are still pelicans around yet today. This is November 9th and we are still. seeing birds that should have moved south in September or early October.

Afternoon proved to be limited to several near misses on ducks. Can't help but wonder if we are ever going to have one of the powder burning days, us water-fowlers, love so much. Guess I am saying "I NEED A TWO BOX DAY"!!

We have been getting the feeling that we are Snake Bit proof of that is, I will take today for an example. We decided that we were not going to kill anything, so was packing to go to the house. Blind flaps were up, dog running around, people walking around, and talking, Blind bags, trash bags, gun in cases and laying out, when some one says a few non reportable words. There was a Canada goose hanging about broom killing range of one of our hunters. I wonder if the movement brought him in??? Or maybe it was, he was fact we had every weed laying in the right place. Well he is still flying unless he was laughing so hard that he run into a tree, and broke his neck.

The summery for the day is around 20 ducks.

Let you go, so please say a little prayer for the troops and also please check back.

See Ya Carl

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