Thursday, November 17, 2011

Has the migration started????

Well maybe it is going to happen. Had reports of geese moving late yesterday. When they come down and open the pits this morning, they kicked out birds. At about 20 minutes, before legal, we had a flock of Hutch and some little Clackers give us a few swings. The north blind may not be dry for days because they were so low over them, they could almost grab them. After it was legal, about ten minutes, they give us another chance. After the smoke cleared we had 6 DIP. Then just a few minutes later we had a single that tempted us, and he failed. All of this was followed by a huge flock of over 200 Canada's that come down the river. They give us a little look, but no cigar there.

We had, ice this morning, about an half inch thick, stuck with us till the wind come.

Wind started blowing at about 12:30. Took, only a few short minutes to go from no wind to a great hunting wind. If only we would of had it early this morning when the skies were full of birds. We keep seeing birds but instead of minutes between flocks it is over an hour. We have seen our share of them today, but wished we could of had a few more shots at them. The bag is not to big, but better than it has been. Never a bad day when you have some dark geese in the bag. Also we have a big fat old Mallard.

The picture was not of today, but I like it, so you get it today.

Please to say a little prayer for the troops tonight.

Check back and lets see if we can have another report tomorrow

See ya Carl

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Mark Philby said...

It was November 1960 when Jan Philby greeted me into the world. It was early morning so after the into he headed to Tekamah to meet Uncle Hack and Jack for a hunt because the flight was on. Since then a birthday does not go by that I fail to look to the sky and hope to see that the flight is on. Thanks for the blog, I enjoy reading every post.