Friday, November 25, 2011

Slim bag but a fun day

We are making another time adjustment, we will be departing the cafe at 6:00.

For once this season we had ducks in on us early. This season has been strange for us here, in that way, we have had so few early morning ducks. I am sure if we would had early morning duck, the boss would be saying ducks just don't like what we have to offer. What we have seen have showed up later in the day. We had a pair of mallards that provided us one, excellent shot.

Also early, before it was legal we had two passes, by a flock of snow & blues. Before they got out of the area there were three flock, overhead. They know how to avoid getting shot, so as usual they moved on just before we could have shot. Guessing that is why there is to many of them, today. See, that one bunch was right on top of us at about 20 yards, on one pass. Would be fun to hammer a few of them again in the fall.

Shortly after 1:00 had a flock of about 35-45 big CAN's locked up way north and guided in all the way. Maybe a half mile. Was one great site in this wind. They wanted to land on the bar, out front. Had to call hard to keep them off the bar and they were rolling out in the 15 MPH southwest wind, making it a pretty challenging shot. Had 4 on the lake and one sailor to the east end of the west lake. This decoying has to be one of the highlights of the season. Miss America is below average looking in comparison, of this site. IT WAS BEAUTIFUL.

Great wind for tomorrow predicted.

Please say a prayer for all the troops, and check back.

See ya Carl

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