Sunday, November 20, 2011

Tons in the sky but few in the pond

Was, one cold day this morning. This the first cold day, we have had some uncomfortable day before, but this day it is really cold, and then we find out the little pump went down and we have no open water. Going to have to gets some parts to get her back on line. Not an exciting thing, to happen at this time of year. But things never break down when you are not using them.

Have been into some Mallards an wiped out the whole flock of seven, followed up by a lone Canada. I think we got two Canadas, I spent to much time on the pump to remember just what happened there.

Do know it was one of the biggest migration of Big Canadas we have ever seen. Were also quite a few ducks moving too. With my new ears and I turn them up so I can enjoy it when the birds are calling, and it seamed like there were birds close most of the time.

Best get this posted and keep mama happy by not, setting at the computer.

So say a prayer for the troops and check back tomorrow and we will see ya


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