Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Quite the aerial show today

As legal time arrived we had birds over us nonstop. Both ducks and geese. We had not set the decoys just right and could not get them in for a good shot. For once this year we had a fair number of guns, so the boss was wanting a good shot. After a small adjustment the flight pattern was some better.

Before 9:00, we were into some geese. Early season jitters lead to a light kill. The sad thing was there was both Cacklers and the big ones. Well only little ones fell. The crew got a serious talking to about that. Decoys got rearranged.

The rest of the day was birds a plenty and then nothing for some time. Going to say it was a pretty good migration.

Got report that there are birds stopping and using Desoto Bend, so lets hope some of the movement we seen today stopped also.

Total bag today was around 15 ducks and the Cacklers.

Know this report is short today, but we had too much to talk about in the blind, to write a good report.

As I reread this I see I did not point out that we had a small movement of Snows and Blues, also today. Had a big flock early this morning. My guess was they were in the lake but heard us come out and was airborne before anyone knew. I am guessing there was in excess of 500 in that bunch. There was a number of other flocks of them today too.

For got to say that departure time from the Café is now 5:45.

Will let you go, but please include the troops in your evening prayers

See Ya Carl

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