Thursday, March 20, 2008

One plateau to fall

Well we had a little action today. I know it seems trivial, but we had the third best day, today on snows. This is not forever, but for this year. This is no small accompaniment. See if you have birds you don’t have any wind, if you have the wind there is no birds.

We are getting dangerously close to the 100 birds mark. Down to less than a half dozen flocks to get that hurtle, behind us. Has been a real struggle to reach that goal, but with today’s nine, we are into the 90’s now. Again today, we got report from Squaw Creek, and they have stuck with their story of having over a million birds. Their quote is a “million plus”. This is coming from a federal agency, so I have to trust their word. We have not been seeing as many birds, as we have in the past, but with those numbers we just can give up hope.

Have a friend that wants to bet a steak supper that we will reach the 250 number. Well I am considering his bet. That is $20.00 for a steak and that would be a small price to pay for just a little shooting. Also I have a bad history of winning bets, so how could I loose.

I neglected to tell you, of another kill we had yesterday. Late yesterday morning we discovered that my blind was infested with a saber tooth field rodent. This was one of the long fanged species. So I mover out all of my hunters out (really they bailed out with out me suggesting them to do so) And I stayed behind, for the battle. He showed his teeth several times, but he was no match for this old hunter. Pappa goose refuses to count it as a kill, but I am still lobbying and just may persuade him yet.

Nothing else to report so will close this.

Remember all our services men and women that are serving our great country

See Ya Carl

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