Sunday, March 16, 2008

Unforgetable sights today

What a fun day. Was all froze up early and no wind to help things out. Finely the wind come up and the cleaning crew done a quick job of clearing us a nice water hole. All the time we had flock after flock of geese moving mostly from the north. It was a huge movement to the south. We understand there is new snow falling north and some fell, yesterday to the south, so they must be trapped in our area. After some decoy adjustment we started decoying some birds. When you got one flock started there were almost always, other flocks that joined in. Was very exciting, with flocks, numbering into the hundreds and some times into the thousands all circling our spread. Not always, did we get them, into harvesting range, but what a sight. Maybe I am getting to old, but to me, the decoying was enough to make me happy and the shooting was just gravy. Would like to get the bag numbers up, but the bag number is not everything. It would not be possible for me to begin to put a number on the birds we seen today. You had the feeling we seen every Snow Goose that has moves through this bottom this spring. Also makes you think that this season is never going to get the numbers down to where the Feds wants them.

Our bag total today was just 24, but I don’t think that anyone that stuck out the day was disappointed in the day. Had some hunter that had to head back home before things got going, and they missed out on a good day, and we feel for them. They drove a long way and should have got to enjoy the afternoon sights.

If you are wondering what happened to last evening report, well I didn’t get one posted. There were just to many problems. First off, I had some computer problems and could not get it to work, and I worked on it for a couple hours and called it all kinds of names that can’t be printed. Then all of a sudden it started working again. Then it was Saturday night and my sweetie demands we eat out so that takes some time. And this old man requires some bed time, because 4:00 comes pretty early. So when I got the Computer working again, I went to bed.

So the total for yesterday was only 3 birds, but they give us a great aerial show all day long. I should make comment that we had a few juvies and some Ross’s in the bag tonight. I am very sure that this is the first of both.

Have some other things to finish before bed time so must post this. Also I must let some of you no that I know I had, misspelled POLES on the last report, but once it is posted I am not smart enough to change it. When I check what I posted I seen it, but it was to late.

Say a prayer for all our Service men and women tonight and please check back

See Ya Carl

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