Saturday, March 01, 2008

Are you readdy for some fun

Well I guess we are going to go into action this next week. We have customers lined up for Thursday, but if you are wanting to go into action before give Ralph a call and get his input and he may decide to go into action before. He is the one that makes that call. As for the times. As always the Rule of thumb is We leave the CafĂ© about 1 ½ hours before sunrise. It takes about one hour to get from town to the pits, get the vehicles parked ETC. On Monday the sunrises at about 7:00 we can shoot about 6:30 there for we leave TAILGATATORS BAR AND GRILL AT 5:30.

As for bird activity, we have seen just a few Snows and Blues, but the Canada’s are flying very thick. Not all the snow is off the fields in our area yet, but we have temperatures forecast into the 50 today and tomorrow, so it should be history by Monday. Had reports that hunters in the Lincoln area are manning their battle stations, for this week end, and they have been seeing a few birds.

If hunting, in near future, be prepared for mud. It is going to be super muddy for a while, so you have been warned. The Boss is giving some though to an alternate form of transportation into the blinds, and we are working on that.

As for the Setup; It was setup with the Snow and Blues spring hunt in mind. The boss keeps saying if they come through here and we have the hunters on the days that the pushes occur, we should harvest 1000 birds this spring. How about breaking some daily records for snow and blues, like we did on Canada’s last fall. I’m up for a couple days with counts of a 100 plus. The thing I think will help is, the fact that all shots should be out in front, and very few shots straight up or behind. Also, all flock should be visible to the hunters before the shot is called. When the shot is behind, and you have to find the birds after you stand up, hurts your shooting. Going to be some fun days. Also remember you can remove your plug, install extension, and shoot till your gun is empty, in the spring. It is time to have a ball.

As always say a prayer for all the great people that are serving out country.

See Ya Carl

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