Thursday, March 13, 2008

Just 395 to go

Just 395 to go.

In the past two days we have seen the most amazing, aerial show we have ever seen. Birds like you have never seen before. Flock followed by flock all morning and most of the first half of the afternoon. We have got the total kill whittled down to just 395 more to go. Now don’t get excited and feel we have, harvested 603 birds in the past two days. I have just changed the projected kill for the spring season down to 400 birds. That number may have to be changed again to a lesser number. They are as tough a bird to decoy as anyone has ever seen. We have had reports from all over this flyway, saying the same thing. No body is decoying them, nobody is killing them. We did kill 3 today, bringing our total kill for a week of hunting, up to 5.

Believe me, when I say there is no shortage of them. I have no idea just how many we have seen in the past two days, but reports are, there is still birds in Squaw creek, and the other day they had 1.4 million. From Squaw Creek they fan out, flying North, Northwest, and even West, so we don’t get all of them, however we have seen, an awful lot, of those birds. You would think one of these days, we would see some, young or old birds, non breeder type, that would decoy. If everything that has flown over, are breeders, they just as well give up on the conservation season, and bomb them, because there is to damn many, for hunters to try to thin out.

Enough complaining tonight, so will close this and get it posted.

Please say a little prayer, for all the young people, that is serving our country.

See Ya Carl

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