Tuesday, March 18, 2008

We got some clear skies, also a good north wind and still a small number. in the bag. They just have our number this year. It seems like we have, tried just about everything and they still out smart us. Didn’t see the most birds by a long shot, but had plenty that decoy to make it a good day out of it, if they would just finish. They are always just a few yards high or wide. A couple of times we landed some and the rest of the flock just flew off and left their friends setting on the ground. Most generally, when you get one to set down, the rest join it, or them. But that is not how it is this year. Sure hope they asked me to help bomb them. I owe some of them a favor, and I am up to making things right.

Just for the record we killed 4 today. 400, is beginning to look like an impossible number, too.

Say a prayer for the troops tonight and check back for some good news

See Ya Carl

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