Friday, March 14, 2008

The smoke poles burped some fire today

Well, we burnt some powder. There were casings and empty boxes in the garbage. They did decoy all the way in today. I can see the boss was right when he said “if you get all the ice out of the lake, you can decoy them birds”. Sure looks funny to me, when they don’t use the water anyway but if the water is frozen, they don’t like the land either, and that is where they want to land. The wind got all the ice out of the lake and they decoy right in but every bird that set down, landed in the decoys on the bank. They just don’t like flying over ice, is the way I see it.

We have reports that they have filled up Desoto Bend reserve south of here and there is still plenty of them in fields in the area that have sheet water standing, in them. Also the report there is still over a million at Squaw Creek. This should give us some good days in the near future.

We ended the day, with a total bag of 34, it was not anywhere near, a record but a good successful days hunt. There has been some days here in the past week we would have loved to ended us with a percent of that. I think the Goose Gods were just testing us.

We had one flock down in there that contained several hundred birds, and we had a marginal shot, but the boss opted for a great shot and we lost them. As one of our hunters said to me after we quit, “The sight was something that not many people get to see and to see it should instill memories for a life time”. I have to agree, with him. I have seen it several times and I remember ever one and can not tell you when we did shoot as to the number we took.

I have a dear friend, that don’t like it when I don’t give him all the details, of these great sights. So just for you Glen. We had a North wind at the time of about 10-12MPH, and we are looking to the north east, the main mass got to about 60 yards, a few lower, but they were scattered. They were all talking and look content, but just flew out. If we would have shot maybe a half dozen cripples, another round maybe 25 plus DIP. He made the right decision

Have to close this, so say a bed time prayer for the Troops and check back

See Ya Carl

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