Wednesday, March 19, 2008

We started out the day with some excitement and had visions of a great day. Had 4 that got circling our decoys, about 15 min before shooting time and then joined up with another pair, and continued for another 10 minutes before making a fatal mistake and got to close. When the smoke cleared there was still, two a flying. The troops are still suffering from, early season jitters, and don’t shoot the best. But this is still how the year is going. We started the day with no wind, a lot of ice, ground fog, and then get into birds; you just get the feeling that this could be the day. The weather forecast, was for clear skies, south winds, at 15 MPH, and over a million birds just 90 miles south of us. This appears to be a recipe for good to great day. Seen some flocks but, nothing like you would think on this type of day.

Got into some stranglers, through out the morning, bring our grand total up to a whopping 7. Then the afternoon the clouds moved back in and then the skies were barren, of birds again.

May have to lower my projections to a mere 100 birds. The only bright spot, for the season is the fact so many birds are still south of us.

Well this is all the complaining I should do, for one day so will get this posted

Please remember to say a prayer for the troops that are serving us.

See Ya Carl

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