Wednesday, March 05, 2008

3-6-08 is the day

Well we begin to occupy the pits tomorrow. There is just a few Snow around this morning. It was very cold with the flurries, and that is all we got was flurries, but there was a very bitter cold wind, with it. Making you wish you were in the pits with the burner on. With a little sunshine that will all change, because they are just a few miles south of us. The calendar is saying they should be north of us, so when we get a sunshiny day they will be flying and that is all we need, to have a good day.

The most positive thing this morning was, they were pushing the decoy legs in, with out drilling, out on the bank of the lake. The frost is almost out and then it will start to dry out some. Speaking of the mud, be sure to bring foot ware that can handle mud, because that is what you are going to live in, out there this spring. Hope we can keep the blinds, half way respectful. It is going to be a job to do, but we will try.

As I said in the last report, we will be leaving the café at about 5:30, so if you are eating breakfast, please give the girls a break and get there with enough time for them to cook it and serve you, and you have time to eat before 5:30. Please help on this.

I will be putting out reports every day that we harvest birds. Now if there is a big storm that pushes through and shuts us down, I may not put out a report. Well if I can complain that just may unties me to post a story. I am not expecting that there will be to many boring days this spring. I am expecting some late report because I have to help dress a big bunch of birds. Now that is confidence speaking.

Well lets hope this the for runner to many action filled reports

Check back and keep the troops in your prayers

See Ya Carl

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