Thursday, March 06, 2008

The First day

We had a spectacular aerial show almost all day long. The Canada’s flew hard and heavy through the day. Small groups, large groups, very huge groups, you name it and we had that size flock. Some of the time you would bet that a flock that size just has to be Snows and Blues, but they always turned out to be dark geese. The feds just has to be thinking that there is a need for a spring season on them before they are in trouble too. I got an E-Mail where that the southern part of New York State has open a spring season on Canada’s and the central flyway has to get on the ball and do the same. I am almost sure that Nebraska does not have the room for the geese we seen today, to nest . It is oblivious, it does not take a very big water hole for a pair to nest on and every bird don’t nest, but we seen birds in number, today that is going to take a big area for them all to nest. The fact is, we have been seeing dark geese migrating for several days before today, and I am sure we will see plenty in the days to come.

The snows and blues were not visible from out vantage point today, but had numerous phone calls of a big push, both into and on north of the Mound City area of Missouri. That is just over a 100 miles south of us, so they have to be showing their selves here in the near future. They may have been some today if there had been some room in the sky, for them to fly in.

Did have a nice Sunrise this morning, so I am posting that picture. with this report.

For those of you that are interested, there is a very nice article on Ralph, in this months (March 2008) issue of Nebraska land Magazine. I was hoping that they were going to post it on their web sight and you could read it there. But I don’t think is going to happen. But if you Goggle “Nebraskaland Magazine”, they have instructions so you can order it. This article is 10 pages long. With some very interesting pictures. There is also going to be another article, in April’s issue, and that is on the K&W decoy, so that should be a keeper issue also.

Well must close this so please as always say a prayer for all the young men and women, that serve our great nation.

Please check back and
See Ya Carl

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